Getting your first motorbike – a brief guide

// 04/05/2012

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If you’re looking to purchase your first motorbike, but you’re not sure which one to choose or what to do once you’ve got one, then follow this guide to help you out a little.

1) Don’t buy what you don’t need.

You don’t need a superbike, or an expensive Harley Davidson, when you’re first starting out. Not only are those bikes very powerful and geared towards a more adept rider, they’re also extremely expensive and an insurance nightmare if you’re just starting out, or not rich. Even if you’re a world-class partypoker champ, start with something a little easier to learn on – especially as you may not actually enjoy it!

2) Get lessons before you really invest.

If you want to learn to ride, that’s great – get some lessons from a professional riding instructor, and once you’ve passed your test, look for a bike. Too many people pass their test but don’t really have enough knowledge of how to use a bike on the road, and this not only poses a danger to them as a rider, but to others around them.

3) Take advantage of community resources.

On a site like this you’ll find a lot of information about bikes and riding, and for that reason you should really consider doing some reading. You can learn a lot about the topic just by reading and watching videos, and of course talking to those who are very knowledgeable about the subject and asking them any questions you can think of that might help you learn.

Lastly, enjoy yourself. Owning and riding a motorbike can be a really enjoyable experience, and after the training and shopping is done, indulge in it. Just shop smart, be safe, and ensure that you’re well read – good luck, brave new two-wheeler!